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Nchill Nation Founder/Host MC Sirryan, is a Florida native born in the late 80s. He is a DJ, sound engineer and MC. Sirryan has been seen on The Tom Joyner Cruise, Essence Festival, and Atlanta Falcons (Defending The Dome) with Timeless Brands USA.

Sirryan began his career as an MC in high school. He quickly became known for his talents and captivating crowds. After high school, he attended Florida A&M University, where he continued to develop a passion for the entertainment industry, 

After graduating from college, Sirryan moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in thriving Atlanta music industry . He quickly made a name for himself in the hip hop scene.

Sirryan is also a talented sound artist. He has engineered shows for some of the biggest names in entertainment. 

Sirryan is a talented and versatile entertainer, and creator/host of one of the best 90s parties in the country, The Jamz Live!

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